The Phased Array is an assay that respects all the physical principles of conventional Ultrasound, but has the ability to cover an area of the piece and thanks to this an image of the discontinuities can be obtained. Corrosion mapping can also be done and allows it to be represented by images obtained from equipment. It is ideal for welding in addition to the TOFD technique.

Advantages: It is the latest in ultrasound technology, and can be adapted to any type and orientation of defect. It is an END that can replace weld scintigraphy by complementing it with TOFD.
The results obtained must be analyzed before issuing the inspection report.

Disadvantages:It is very complex to calibrate and is the most expensive of the NDTs. The geometries of the pieces or equipment to be inspected limit some of the inspection areas due to the devices used for scanning and probe sizes involved in the test.

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